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Monday, February 25th, 2013
7:06 pm - This journal is locked
Friends only, please!

I'm happy to add people; just leave a comment here.

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Sunday, May 1st, 2011
2:41 pm

Happy May Day, everyone!

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
11:19 pm - Last post for now.
Well, as fun as writing in this journal regularly has been, it's crunch time for me now. Although it hasn't been perfect, I've been able to write in this journal fairly regularly over the last 40 plus days. But, I have three different deadlines in the next nine days - and then I graduate! Therefore, I might be writing in here when I feel like it, but I am going to abandon trying to write very regularly in favor of finishing my work. I have been keeping track of my word count every day, and I am happy to report that last week, I wrote a total of 3370 words, and the week before that, 4580. Not bad. Catch you later!

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Friday, April 22nd, 2011
11:51 pm - Day 19 of 40
Today, I've been investigating one of the windows 7 cutting edge features: speech recognition. I had always thought of speech recognition as a rather primitive kind of software that was still error prone. Was I wrong! I've practiced using it to dictate text today, and I found that even though it had received a minimum of training on my voice, it still correctly picked up some quite unusual vocabulary words, including a couple of proper nouns (but it still did not pick up derren brown on the first try! :( ) I'm using it right now to dictate this entry.

Besides the fact that speech recognition software could be very useful to any non handicapped users who want to use their hands while simultaneously using the computer (can anyone say knitting?), it makes me feel like I'm on Star Trek! Not only can users dictate any kind of writing, but speech recognition could also allowed them to do things like turn pages on a PDF while using their hands for other things like cooking, knitting, embroidering, etc. other positive side effect that I've seen is that dictating my writing makes me think very carefully about the words that I choose. Written text generally uses much more formal language than spoken communication. I had never dictated before, and it's been a useful exercise to put the same amount of thought into my speech that I usually put into my writing. I consider myself a relatively articulate person, but I also think it is a psychologically more difficult task to create clear and eloquent sentences in on the fly speech vs. in a text that is concrete, and can be mulled over and edited.

However, I have a couple of privacy concerns relating to this software. To improve speech recognition accuracy, the software scans the contents of your hard drive, I suppose, to learn the words and topics that the user is interested in. And, of course there is the fact that anything dictated is being recorded by the speech recognition software, and there's no real assurance that this software is not sending everything it dictates to Microsoft.

Overall I have been quite impressed with the accuracy and utility of this tool. However, occasionally it will translate background noise into words, which can be quite problematic when dictating or doing non dictation activities. Secondly although the tutorial claims that it is relatively easy to navigate the web using speech recognition, I found it nearly impossible to navigate webpage is using speech recognition.

I'm also quite lucky to be able to use this technology, because I live alone, in a quiet environment. I don't have to worry about anyone listening to me when I use it!

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Monday, April 18th, 2011
11:38 pm - Day 18 of 40 (making up for missing one yesterday)
Yesterday before the no-tv week started, I read a very interesting article in the New York Times called Is Sugar Toxic? Sounds like a very dramatic title, but I thought it was an extremely effectively written and compelling case against processed sugar, including corn syrup. Truly, the desire for sugar is just an artifact of evolution-biased preferences; it's not natural to consume nearly as much sugar as most Americans do, and it's certainly not healthy.

I want to watch this later: Sugar: The Bitter Truth
And I also came across a few commercials created by the corn growers' association. They were absolutely laughable.

But reading Is Sugar Toxic? did get me thinking about how my own dietary patterns have changed over the years. The largest change I've experienced, of course, is the transition to vegetarianism, but along with that, I have also cut out a lot of processed sugars from my diet (although not nearly all of them). The biggest change is that I used to be a regular soda drinker, 1, 2 or 3 sodas a day. Now, I rarely drink it and I don't miss it, either. I love iced tea, hot tea, and have started drinking coffee in recent years. I used to take all of those with a good amount of sugar. Now I never put sugar in my beverages. I normally drink my morning coffee with unsweetened soy milk, and I've started putting cinnamon in the strainer basket; genuine cinnamon flavored coffee tastes heavenly. There's absolutely no need for sugar, and it's not bitter.

The reason I first stopped drinking soda is because it was expensive. When I lived in Florida, I did not have much money for non-essentials, and all flavored drinks count as non essentials, especially pricey ones like soda. I simply didn't buy it for two years...and then when I did have more money, I could live without it. I just learned to like not filling my body with sugar instead. Plus, it's terrible on your teeth. Also, I don't want to get diabetes when I get older. And I also want to keep my waistline. I know that weight gain happens slowly with age, and preventing obesity is much easier than treating it. I still weigh what I did when I was 20 (7 years later). So many great perks to kicking the sugar addiction.

I was able to wean myself off sugar in tea and coffee because of my dentist. I seem to have teeth that are relatively vulnerable to cavities, and the dentist suggested that I try gradually reducing the sugar in my drinks. I was resistant at first, but again, once it was gone, I didn't miss it. Plus, isn't it a drag stirring and stirring your iced tea while you wait for the sugar to dissolve? Get used to the bitter flavor, there's nothing wrong with it. I'm still in the habit of eating some kind of dessert, but that's something I'm working on reducing, and picking options that are better. It helps a lot to have good alternatives - sometimes that craving for sugar can be fulfilled with a cheese stick, or just honey on toast, fruit juice, or a piece of fruit.

My grandmother has always said, "I don't have much of a sweet tooth" when we've offered her candy or baked goods. That's been a blessing in keeping diabetes away from her, and perhaps a reason she's still around now!

Going through a few of these anti-corn syrup videos, I also found psychetruth, a channel which seems to have a lot of interesting health and psychology related stuff on it, and guess what...the creator is based in Austin! Many of the professionals he interviews are Austin based, and one of them was even the owner of a Writers' organization, WriteByNight, that has an office downtown! They have a public writing lounge where anyone can come and write! Maybe I'll check it out sometime just because I can, and I'm looking forward to hopefully finding more opportunities to find neat things in Austin with psychetruth.

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11:30 pm - Day 18 of 40
Whew, today I finally turned in the math homework I have been working on for the last four days. In contrast to the last assignment which was frustrating, I was pretty happy with almost all my answers on this assignment. That's a good thing, given that these questions are 'supposed to be difficult' as my TA told me. I've had to do a lot of math, logic and proofs during the time I've been studying computer science; in some ways, I am well suited to studying this topic. I love analysis and problem solving (which is why I switched to computer science in the first place), and I don't usually have a problem handling a bunch of jargon or highly technical problems or their solutions. However, when it comes to solving complicated math and logic problems like I have been in this class, my reaction is this: If I solve it, "That was fun! I love working through a problem, even if it's confusing at the beginning." If I can't find the answer: "I hate this, I didn't come to computer science so I could do math all day! Grumble, grumble." A typical reaction perhaps, but it just seems more extreme when it comes to solving math.

One problem I solved today reminded me of a puzzle that a friend showed me a couple of years ago, Four Quarters. The video series is called "Scam School" - I've watched several, and it's a really great way to learn some simple magic effects and tricks that are fun to show to friends at parties (and supposedly a way to win drinks at the bar). Anyway, four quarters is just a relatively difficult puzzle - it's not a lateral thinking puzzle. When my friend showed it to me, I was able to solve it after some thought. I know he was impressed because he said that no one he'd showed it to had solved the puzzle, although the answer is straightforward (Well, number one, people are not so great at solving puzzles when they have had a few drinks in them or are in a high pressure social situation; I was sober and we were alone). But today I was struck by the similarity in thinking between this simple quarter puzzle and many of the homework problems I've been working. This assignment had problems involving a certain setup or algorithm like how to shuffle a deck of cards or play a gambling game in which a coin is flipped, although not all the problems are like that, of course. So, it shouldn't be surprising that I was able to solve this quarter puzzle; it's just a style of thinking that's developed by studying computer science, or math, or many subjects.

Today was the first day of my 'tv-free week', and I did have some time in the afternoon when I normally would have surfed, and I had to figure out something else to do. It was nice to feel like I had extra time that I could do something useful with. I actually emailed a friend that I had been meaning to email for a while, so that was good. If it hadn't been tv-free week I'm sure I would have kicked back with some tv to relax after that long math marathon. But now I'm writing instead!

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Saturday, April 16th, 2011
11:47 pm - Day 16 of 40: Doppelgangers
I've experienced two remarkable doppelgangers in my life.

I was shocked when a friend passed me this photograph on the left:

I'm on the right. You can see some pretty striking resemblances, especially considering that I used to have my hair parted in the middle. Our eyes and eyebrows are similar, our facial shapes are similar, although her nose is pointier than mine. When I showed the photo of my doppelganger to friends, several thought it was me.

More recently, I learned of the existence of a doppelganger of...my car.

This is my car:

It's a green 1997 Honda Accord. Since this photo was taken, I added one distinguishing mark: I put a green bumper sticker with white lettering reading "Go Vegetarian!" on the bottom left of the bumper.

Shortly before spring break, my friend who lives in Houston (several hours' drive from where I live) said she was driving down the highway when she spotted...
...a green Honda Accord (no biggie, they are pretty common) of the same make and model as my car
...with a green "Go Vegetarian" bumper sticker
...on the bottom left of the bumper.

There were no other bumper stickers or marks on the car.

No kidding, my friend saw it with her own eyes. She asked herself "Did Becca come to Houston without telling me? Can't be!" As she approached the car, she saw that, indeed, it was not me driving the car, but an older white male.


She won the lottery by seeing this car. The odds are so astronomical not only that such a car existed, but that someone who knew me and my car was in the right place and the right time to see it.

I have never seen another car with the same "Go Vegetarian" bumper sticker (although I did buy the sticker locally, rather than online). But another car with the same bumper sticker, in the same place, on the same make, model, and color as my car??

Absolutely unbelievable. This is proof that extremely unlikely coincidences do, indeed, happen!

So how many other doppelgangers are out there that I have never encountered?

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Friday, April 15th, 2011
10:17 pm - Day 15 of 40: Miracles for Sale
So I've reverted back the number of days to 15 of 40: That is because, of the 40 days of writing that were originally my goal, I've written only 14 so far, not even half! Tut tut tut. So I restarted the clock. Maybe because I'm stubborn, maybe because I want to give the writing thing another try. Not many comments so far, and I do appreciate comments, but I know livejournal is not often used anymore by many of my friends, and secondly, sometimes there's just nothing to say in response to an entry. No matter!

Today, Derren gave out many more details about his upcoming tv work (very upcoming: April 25). It's called "Miracles for Sale", and in it, he trains a 'member of the public' to pass as a faith healer, presumably showing the tricks used by 'real faith healers' in the process. I think it should be a groundbreaking piece of work. I'm excited and hopeful about the piece, but have mixed feelings for many reasons.

The main purpose of "Miracles for Sale" is to expose faith healers and televangelists for the fraudsters they are. These are the truly evil people who preach 'Prosperity gospel'-- that if you give your money to the preacher, God will give you money back many times in return. Of course, Jesus and the Bible does teach a great deal about the value of giving and generosity, but this sort of teaching is extremely dangerous and not rooted in scripture, in my opinion. After all, we are told to "build up treasures in heaven", and even when God promises to provide for us, it's hard to take it to literally mean financial provision, but rather spiritual provision. After all, millions of Christians around the world are destitute. It's a bit hypocritical to claim that God promises to feed and clothe them all without exception.

Anyway, I am all for showing up the fraudulent faith healers who are out to exploit gullible truth seekers, although I almost feel that I wish Christians could have beaten Derren to the punch here; If faith healers and televangists are preaching a perversion of the Christian faith, shouldn't it be the Christians who put them in their places? But I'm so glad Derren has taken up this mantle; I'm sure this was a much more difficult task than what he undertook in "Derren Brown Investigates", which was a skeptical examination of several paranormal experts, some of whom were well intentioned but misguided. Nevertheless, I am a little tense about seeing the ugly underbelly of the exploitation that's undertaken in God's name. As a Christian, I think it'll turn my stomach to see the degree of false teaching happening.

Other fans have expressed concern that Derren would be criticizing Christianity itself, but I don't think that's his aim. Although he is an outspoken atheist and ex-Christian, Derren has always shown great sensitivity toward the Christian faith, even in a society that is largely secular (UK). I think it's easy enough to separate the fraudulent faith healers from the mainstream church.

I've known that Miracles for Sale would be set in the United States. But Derren announced today...it's set in Texas. My home. I find it strange that, for all these years, I have watched Derren on a backdrop of London and various sites around the UK, and now he has finally come to Texas, of all places. And I didn't know about it! :) If only. But unfortunately I'm sure they chose Texas for the rather unflattering reason that there's a large body of people willing to believe in the fraudulent faith healers whom Derren & Co. could deceive. If I had to venture a guess, I would say...East Texas? But aside from the exciting possibility that they may have actually gone to Houston or San Antonio, I worry about the choice of location. Many people in the UK and in Europe generally have a negative view of Texas- they believe we are backward hicks or cowboys who ride horses everywhere. I spoke up on the blog to point out that Texas is, after all, home to the second silicon valley, several great universities, and has a resilient economy. I certainly hope that this show is not, inadvertently or otherwise, reinforcing negative stereotypes.

Unfortunately the show falls on the 25th, only a few days before one of my major deadlines. I may have to put it off until my semester finishes, which is May 7. We'll see.

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Thursday, April 14th, 2011
7:43 pm - Day 37 of 40: Turn off the tv week!
Well...it's that time of the semester again! April and November have always been the worst months for me as a student. I'm really going to have to keep my nose to the grindstone for the next three weeks... I'm not panicking, just feeling that familiar sense of resignation that most of my free time activities will have to be kept to a minimum for the next few weeks.

Speaking of which, next week is Screen Free Week! It used to be called "tv-turnoff week" but I suppose they wanted to make the name more inclusive. For one week, millions of people stop watching tv (and surfing the internet, and computer games, I assume); it was originally associated with the organization Adbusters. I've done this every year since 2008. The timing is great and also rotten- it's always fallen during one of the most pressure filled times of the year, late April, so abstaining from tv and surfing is a good way to stay on track with my schoolwork. On the other hand, turning off the tv is supposed to be about finding other ways to spend your leisure time, not working 24/7.

Every time I have abstained from either television or an internet leisure activity (like Tumblr), I've experienced it as a release, and freedom, ironically. I've been feeling stressed and under pressure from school, so I thought, why not start tv-turnoff week early? I decided to restrict my non-work internet use to mornings and nights only, before I go to bed. It'll be helpful not wondering how many likes I've gotten on my latest Tumblr post or wanting to check Twitter while I am doing my homework.

I don't own a real 'tv' - I have a large monitor that I use to watch dvds, but there's nothing in my house set up to receive either cable or broadcast tv. I love it. If I do watch tv, it can be through hulu or netflix. So I'm not usually able to keep up with shows easily, but prefer ones that have already finished. I've also installed ad blockers on my browsers, so, all in all, this means that I get exposed to very little advertising or branding on a day to day basis beyond what I choose to expose myself to on the internet. It makes my life much more peaceful, and when I visit someone who leaves the tv running, it grates on me and helps me be thankful for my lifestyle.

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Monday, April 11th, 2011
9:34 pm - Day 34 of 40
I feel physically bushwacked today! On Saturday, I went rafting with some folks at National Instruments, where a couple of friends are interning. Rafting was basically the same as tubing down the Guadalupe River, but in a three person raft, and there were some small rapids which were tough to get over because the river was unusually low (it's been a dry year so far). It was a lot of fun to get out into nature and to meet some new people. :) But when I woke up on Sunday, I was sore (no surprise) - sore triceps, shoulders and legs from all the walking, and my hands are still tender from the paddling. Then I went to yoga! Today I'm not as sore as I could be, a testament to my increasing fitness, but am still feeling like I would like to stop hurting.

I've been encouraged by some of the benefits I've seen from attending yoga more frequently, though. For example, a few times before, I have attempted to 'flow' from a kneeling posture into sitting on my heels and pressing my forehead into the mat. Before, I couldn't bend low enough to touch my forehead to the mat without falling forward, off balance. Now I can do the move properly and smoothly - because I think my ab strength has improved. It's a remarkable change. I've also noticed toning on other parts of my body.

Even though I'm sore, generally, I am just feeling 'strong', a feeling of vitality and energy. It's great.

Here's something interesting I experienced yesterday: In The Mentalist from last thursday, there's a widow character, and in the character's first scene, you can see only her profile from a distance. After a few seconds of watching this actress, a thought randomly came to mind, "I would really love to see Morena Baccarin in something. I wonder what she's been up to these days." Morena Baccarin is the actress who played Inara in Firefly, and I'd only seen her cast one other time on tv in a commercial for Secret deodorant. I'm not a wide tv watcher, and I hadn't kept up with her screen activity.

When the widow's face was shown in close-up for the first time, for a second, I actually believed I recognized Teri Hatcher. But very quickly I realized that the actress playing the widow was no one but Morena Baccarin. I was shocked. She looked completely different from her role as Inara- her hair was very short, and her clothing and posture were harsh.

I can only conclude that I had unconsciously picked up on the resemblances of the widow to Morena Baccarin before actually recognizing her consciously, and these resemblances cued the thought I had about the actress. But the entire process was unconscious - at no point did I connect the widow character to Morena, or even think "That widow looks a little like Morena Baccarin". So I had, in fact, recognized her unconsciously well before I consciously recognized the actress. Just a strange example of the unconscious at work!

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
11:45 pm - Day 28 of 40
Tonight, my post is on Tumblr:
To Zanarkand, by Nobuo Uematsu.

Ah, if I have not mentioned it before, I have a Tumblr! It's one reason my posts on livejournal have been sporadic. About half the posts are about Derren Brown, otherwise they'll usually concern something beautiful, funny, or interesting I've found. I like to think of Tumblr like a scrapbook where I keep all the interesting things I've come across that I'd like to share with others.

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Sunday, March 27th, 2011
11:54 pm - Day 19 of 40
Well, I haven't been doing a great job of posting recently...I think I need to make a bigger effort to post in the morning/afternoon instead of leaving it until the last part of the day. Plus, the last week has been boring...mostly just studying.

I upgraded my operating system to Windows 7 from Windows XP over spring break, so bit by bit, I've been working to get it set up the way I want it and adjust to the new environment. I tend to be very picky with how my computer works and looks since I spend a great deal of time on it and it's a big part of my life.

A couple of years ago I discovered a Linux application called "F-spot" (yeah, har har witty name). It's an amazing program for image management: tagging and grouping your photographs. One of my hobbies is making web graphics (teatree-icons, paperleaves.net), and I love photography in general, so I've built up quite a library of stock photography over the years. It's really important to be able to find the right image for an idea I am trying to express, so being able to tag my images and flexibly search through them using any combination of "and" and "or" operators was a huge boon. F-spot also allows you to create a tag hierarchy, which is really useful for describing the colors, emotions, and content of a photograph, categories which each have their own set of tags. Unfortunately, F-spot is not available for Windows. I suppose I could experiment with running Linux as a virtual machine in Windows, but that seems to be a lot of work for one application that I want to access. The best substitute I can find is Picasa. I tried it a few years ago, and was disappointed with its lack of flexibility. But in the face of lack of options, I decided to go ahead and give it another try.

I'm cautiously optimistic with what I've seen so far. Picasa has no tag hierarchy or search 'or' operator, but it seems to do everything else I need it to. To use Picasa most effectively, I think I would need to rework my current stock photograph organization (i.e. no image duplicates) but I can probably do that.

The most useful new feature is Picasa's facial recognition. It's like tagging people on Facebook or flickr, but Picasa not only finds the faces in the photographs, but also guesses at who they are after you've identified someone in enough photographs. As someone who has studied computer vision, categorization and artificial intelligence, I am really impressed at how well it works. Of course, it shouldn't be surprising; it's Google. For example:

You can't really see it here, but Picasa is guessing that this is Derren Brown. It's Derren dressed in makeup as a bum, for an episode of Trick or Treat. Picasa saw through his disguise.

And an example of pareidolia:

Kind of like this example of Google Streetview which blurs out faces based on the facial recognition software.

Yes, that's a blurred out elephant face. :)

The other interesting thing I have noticed is that if it does not correctly identify the person, it often suggests their family members as possible matches! For example, my sister Katie and I look very much alike- it often suggests Katie for my picture and vice versa. And when it recognized a picture of my grandfather from his 20's, it suggested Katie as the identity! Of course, it's possible that family members tend to co-occur in images frequently, so that could be a contributing factor beyond the physical resemblance, but it's still cool stuff.

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Saturday, March 12th, 2011
12:17 am - Writer's Block: I wanna be just like you
Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Wow, I don't think I've ever responded to Writer's Block before. But there have been numerous fictional characters that I have wished I could be like, although I have never 'strived'. In roughly chronological order:

Dune - Bene Gesserit adepts
Sailor Moon - Mizuno Ami, Kaiou Michiru, Tenou Haruka

Most recently, Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. :) I'm in love with him and I also kind of want to be just like him at the same time. That's overstating it a bit, but I think you get the idea.

I don't think there's anything wrong with looking up to and admiring a fictional character. Someone has created this character for a specific purpose and with a goal in mind. If we can create any characters we choose, why not choose to create something/someone worth wanting to become like?

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Thursday, October 7th, 2010
10:36 pm - Programming in the public computer lab
Yesterday night when I returned home from school and attempted to resume work, I realized that my laptop would not power on. Uh oh.

All my schoolwork is done on the computer (but stored remotely so data loss is not a problem), so I've since come to grips with the very real possibility that until this gets fixed (at least 1 1/2 weeks) I'll be spending all day and night at my school's computer lab or at work. I've always hated the public lab computers for many different reasons - I'm not allowed to install my own software, sometimes Linux can be difficult to use or puzzling, plus, the lab is always noisy and the keyboards are stiff and dirty.

Tonight is the first time in a long while I've really done programming on the lab computers. And I admit, it's not nearly as bad as I expected.

At first I was lamenting the loss of my preferred text editor, notepad++. After poking around through all the available text editors on the school computers, and poking again, I discovered Kate. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it allows extensive customization of text display, but, like notepad++, also allows multiple documents to be open in the application at the same time, lets you search all open documents simultaneously, lets you view documents side by side, and... the best part.

There is a plugin for Kate that allows you to open a terminal window in a separate pane of the application! This is perfect for me as I've been using the terminal to compile and run my code. At home, I always had to save the document, transfer it to the remote computer using WinSCP, click on the terminal window, compile, and run. But the fact that I now have the text editor and terminal both open saves me several clicks, in addition to the fact that I no longer have to transfer the files on every compile/run - because the files I'm editing and running are stored locally.

Phew! A very good example of how something I had seen as negative (loss of my preferred development environment) allowed me to find something which is actually even better.

And to my other points- I'm planning on bringing my own keyboard to school so I can use one I like. I already carry my laptop, why not a keyboard instead?

And the lab can be noisy, but it's actually more distracting if it's too quiet rather than too noisy - picture a dull roar in the background vs. one or two people who are loud and can be heard clearly. And, as I've always believed, I like being in the lab because it's a studious environment - everyone is there doing the same thing, everyone is working hard. It encourages me to do the same. Believe it or not, CS majors don't tend to do a lot of goofing off- at least, at my school they don't.

Looks like I'll be doing a lot more coding in the lab in the future...and maybe some of it will be by choice.

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Thursday, September 16th, 2010
8:05 am - NYTimes article

U.S. Meat Farmers Brace for Limits on Antibiotics
After decades of debate, the Food and Drug Administration appears poised to issue stronger rules on antibiotics, intended to reduce what it calls a clear risk to humans.

I'd forgotten recently how much livestock production is responsible for the introduction of drug resistant bacteria strains to humans... it's just another reason I'm glad by being vegetarian I'm not contributing to the problem, and I'm hopeful about these new limits too, if the meat producers don't end up winning once again.

C'mon, look at those beady eyes and tell me they aren't cute...! Just like Wilbur!

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Sunday, September 12th, 2010
3:22 pm - NYTimes article
How you spend has a greater effect on your happiness than how much you spend, researchers say.

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2010
10:49 pm - A couple of New York Times articles that I wanted to share...
Tweet Less, Kiss More

The Web Means the End of Forgetting

I have to say, my lack of writing this summer has been pretty pitiful. It's not for lack of thinking, however...

I'm going on vacation next week, so hopefully I can spend some time putting my words down. :)

Also, my college roommate Tina (blindchick) is visiting Austin this week!! So much fun to see her! <3<3<3 I only wish I had more time to spend with her.

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Monday, June 28th, 2010
7:41 am - New Icon post: Summer icons

Found here at teatree_icons.

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2010
11:16 pm - Someone used my photo as a reference for a pencil sketch:

DRWF125-Room Interior-IMG_2980, originally uploaded by fnf_crilix.

It was so surreal to discover today that someone had decided to use one of my photographs as a reference for a pencil sketch! I remember that place, a house my family used for a family reunion- and now I can see it through the eyes of another through graphite. Exciting! This one experience alone justifies tagging all my photos with the creative commons license.

It's the same experience as when my sister decided to turn a photograph of my car into a vectorized illustration:

It remains one of the most awesome things I have ever seen.

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Monday, April 26th, 2010
6:24 pm - ...just doing my part to spread the word!
If this image is up, the offer is still valid.

[Lovely image of Derren removed. His blog got hacked and although it's alright now, it's still producing security violations for the browser.]

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