Larkspur (larkspurlazuli) wrote,

Day 16 of 40: Doppelgangers

I've experienced two remarkable doppelgangers in my life.

I was shocked when a friend passed me this photograph on the left:

I'm on the right. You can see some pretty striking resemblances, especially considering that I used to have my hair parted in the middle. Our eyes and eyebrows are similar, our facial shapes are similar, although her nose is pointier than mine. When I showed the photo of my doppelganger to friends, several thought it was me.

More recently, I learned of the existence of a doppelganger car.

This is my car:

It's a green 1997 Honda Accord. Since this photo was taken, I added one distinguishing mark: I put a green bumper sticker with white lettering reading "Go Vegetarian!" on the bottom left of the bumper.

Shortly before spring break, my friend who lives in Houston (several hours' drive from where I live) said she was driving down the highway when she spotted...
...a green Honda Accord (no biggie, they are pretty common) of the same make and model as my car
...with a green "Go Vegetarian" bumper sticker
...on the bottom left of the bumper.

There were no other bumper stickers or marks on the car.

No kidding, my friend saw it with her own eyes. She asked herself "Did Becca come to Houston without telling me? Can't be!" As she approached the car, she saw that, indeed, it was not me driving the car, but an older white male.


She won the lottery by seeing this car. The odds are so astronomical not only that such a car existed, but that someone who knew me and my car was in the right place and the right time to see it.

I have never seen another car with the same "Go Vegetarian" bumper sticker (although I did buy the sticker locally, rather than online). But another car with the same bumper sticker, in the same place, on the same make, model, and color as my car??

Absolutely unbelievable. This is proof that extremely unlikely coincidences do, indeed, happen!

So how many other doppelgangers are out there that I have never encountered?
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